What is a BID?

About Strabane BID and how A BID works

The Strabane Business Improvement District (Strabane BID) is a project set up by and for the businesses in Strabane Town to improve trading and footfall in the Town now and in the future. It is for all businesses within a defined central area to participate in and benefit from, and enables independent action for tangible improvement projects selected by those traders.  BIDs are governed by primary legislation The Business Improvement Districts Act (Northern Ireland) 2013 and are only set up after consultation with the businesses affected and the publication of a detailed Business Plan.

The Plan

The plan sets out what the BID will do, how much it will cost to run and what area it covers and every eligible business receiving the plan will get a chance to vote on the proposals. If the vote is carried by a simple majority (50% or more) of both the number of properties and the rateable value, a yes vote will be declared and the BID will become operational. In the event of a yes vote, all eligible businesses in the BID area must pay the levy, however they voted in the ballot and even if they choose not to vote.

To find out whether your business will be eligible to vote in the BID ballot visit: BID Area

How the BID affects your business

The success of the Strabane BID depends on your support. All you have to do is VOTE ‘YES’ in the ballot and then we can get on with making all these projects happen.

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