BID Area

BID Boundary Map


If your business is located within the boundary, then you are included in the BID.

If the BID in Strabane is successful, then every business within the boundary will be liable to contribute to the BID.  If you’re not on the map, do you want to be?  Do you want to reap the benefits of the BID?  You can still become a voluntary member; please contact us for further information.

List of streets included in the BID – either whole or in part:

Market Centre
Butcher Street
Market Street
Canal Street
Mourne Villas
Castle Place
Newtown Place
Castle Street
Patrick Street
Church Street
Railway Street

Abercorn Square
Derry Road
Barrack Street
Dock Street
Bowling Green
John Wesley Street
Bradley Way
Lifford Road
Branch Road
Main Street
Bridge Street

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